Chosen! Royal! Holy! Peculiar!


Sunday - 11AM Worship Service

 April 05, 2023

 7:00 PM

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Our study this Faith Year 2022 - 2023 comes from the book of First Peter. Peter, also known as Shimon/ Simon/ Cephas/ Petras, Chief Apostle, and part of the Inner Circle of the 12,  writes to the church from Rome (Babylon) to the Christians living in the Roman province of Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) concerning persecution, but more specifically about Christian Suffering.

Please read chapter One, complete, (1 Peter 1: 1 - 25) and join us this week as we plumb the depths of  what it means to be Chosen! Royal! Holy! Peculiar! in the most difficult of circumstances from the pen of this great Apostles to the Church.

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