Our First Lady


Sunday - 11AM Worship Service

Reverend Wanda N. Golden

Our Lady Golden, Our Queen!

In November of 1994, along with my husband-pastor, Reverend Johnny N. Golden, Sr., we were blessed to be called to lead the great and glorious New Unity Baptist Church Ministries; and with that clarion call to be premier in Worship! in Witness! and in Works.

“To Equip & Empower the People of God for the Work of the Kingdom”, continues to be the thriving drive of our ministry.

As First Lady and Co-leader of this wonderful body of Believers my calling has been and will remain: 

  1.           To fiercely empower women and girls to be all they were created to be. 
  2.           Promoting their sense of self- worth, 
  3.           Highlighting their ability to determine their own choices, 
  4.          Advocating their birthright to influence social change for themselves and others, through the leading of the Holy                   Spirit.

Legendary writer Jill Briscoe is quite accurate in saying, “Love comes as we serve, as we get involved, as we work closely together. We need to be near enough to see the tears, to catch the sign, to touch each other’s hands!” 

Women and girls were seen by Jesus as genuine persons with inherent value and not an after- thought. We are included in those for whom He came to save, deliver, and empower.

The four Gospels have many examples of Jesus even-handed treatment of women. Jesus regularly addressed and met their needs directly during his earthly ministry: John 4:7-26 (the well woman), John 8:10-11 (woman in adultery), Luke 7:12-13(widow of Nain), Luke 8:48 (woman with issue of blood), Luke 23:27-31 (group of women on the route to the cross), and others.

Our Lord spoke to them in a thoughtful, loving, and caring manner, yet held them personally accountable for their own sin, silence, or situations. He demonstrated only the highest regard for women in his teachings and life. Throughout His ministry He demonstrated their dignity and worth as women and persons of virtue and significance. 

Jesus valued their prayers, fellowship, service, financial support, witness, and testimony. He honored women, taught women, and ministered to women in His divine, God-like manner.

My vision and goal as a minister of the gospel is to support people everywhere - especially women. As Dr. Raquel Lettsome, writer, teacher, scholar, founder of RSL Ministries and the first African American – male or female - to graduate from Ivy League Princeton Theological Seminary with a Ph. D in New Testament Studies,  says, “seeing divinity in the totality of life”. I am committed to encouraging every woman to pray for God to work HIS will in us.

Just like the daughters of Zelophehad; Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah, we can no longer be afraid to go after our stuff. These five women remind us to stop complaining and to start doing.  We too must come out of the shadows and embrace God’s truth that we are the Imago Dei,  creations made in His image; and know that we have a right as children of God to the blessings already prepared for us. 

We must be willing to be willing and then to work “God’s good pleasure”

“Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers3 John 2.

My hearts desire is to please God in all that I do. I believe serving the church, particularly the sisterhood, will please Him, and in that process bless women wherever there is need and opportunity.


Peace and Blessings,

Reverend Wanda N. Golden

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