Sunday - 11AM Worship Service


the Crown Jewel of Christian Worship


  • The New Unity Baptist Church is committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the Community and around the globe. We affirm the Savior's Command to visit and minister to the sick, the orphaned, the imprisoned, those in need, and the "least of these" near and far, wherever hurt is found (see pictures below).

Please consider making a regular monthly contribution to this biblically mandate ministry.

  • Donations to our Outreach  can be mailed to: New Unity Baptist Church;

  • P.O. Box 313; Chase,Md. 21027. Or

  • CashApp Contributions to: $Newunitybaltimore (look for the dove and globe Logo)

Our Missons-minded Ministry Co-Leaders are:

                             Deacon Millicent Hoover and Sister Tonya Scott.




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