Our Pastor


Sunday - 11AM Worship Service

Reverend Johnny N. Golden, Sr.


“A Leader For Today –

                 A Servant For The Times”

REVEREND JOHNNY N GOLDEN, SR, is the fourth and current pastor of the New Unity Baptist Church Ministries, of Baltimore, Maryland; his spiritual roots plumb deep and strong. Pentecostal by upbringing, Baptist by training, eclectic by nature, Rev. Golden is indeed a ‘uniquely gifted man for the times.’

Inspiringly expressive, spiritually effusive, and joyfully engaging, Reverend Johnny N. Golden, Sr. is the “Set Man” over this Grand Cathedral, the New Unity Baptist Church Ministries. Energetic and enlightening partly describe, but not define, this Master Teacher; indeed, a man born for the times (1Chronicles 12:32).

Born for ministry,’ Rev. Golden renders great honor and homage for the godly instruction, gracious tutelage and gifted training that he received under the dynamic pastorates of Rev. J. Luther Carroll (Christian Life Church) and Rev. Harold A. Carter, Sr. (New Shiloh Baptist Church), both of Baltimore, Md. 

 In November 1994, Rev. Golden was called to the pastorate of the New Unity Baptist Church. A Visionary Leader and a true “People′s Person,” both attributes are evidenced in his love of youth and his considerable concern for seniors. His loving care for the congregation at large has endeared people to pastor, and pulpit to pew.

Rev. Golden is married to his high school sweetheart, the Reverend Wanda N. (Allender) Golden of Chase, Maryland. Together they are the proud parents of Keenya and Boomer (Johnny Jr.). And let it be known that they are the proud, doting grandparents of nine (9) ‘golden jewels,’ Nia Imani Christian; Jaden Syniah; Kennedy Johnelle; Delray Nathaniel; Zion Loretta; Trinity Rosa, Taylor, Payton “Miracle” and Langston.
 In January 2000, Rev. Golden’s community activist gifts were required as he was called to lead “C.U.R.E.” (Clergy United for the Renewal of East Baltimore) into the uncertain shoals of the New Millennium.  Before the decade would end (May 2008), Rev. Golden was called to the presidency of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA) of Baltimore and Vicinity; one of the largest and most influential ecumenical faith-based groups in the entire region.

 A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Rev. Golden credits his southern roots and godly heritage for much of his success in life today. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. As a university student, Rev. Golden matriculated in four principal areas of study, Religion, African American Studies, Philosophy, and Sociology.

A former student at the Howard University School of Divinity, Washington, D.C.; Rev. Golden has also pursued further studies and training at the St. Mary′s University and Ecumenical Institute, Baltimore, Maryland. Rev. Golden continues to increase in studies as he is currently enrolled at the University of Baltimore’s Public Manager Program & Community Studies.

 Owing to his vast civic involvement, Rev. Golden was awarded Lifetime Membership into the National Parent and Teachers Association. He is also a Lifetime Member of the NAACP and he is the former Chairman of the Baltimore City Head Start Council. In June 2000, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Citizens Planning and Housing Association (CPHA). In December 2000, Governor, then Mayor, Martin O’Malley, appointed him to the Human Resources Agency Commission for the City of Baltimore.

 In 2002, Rev. Golden travelled to Seattle, Washington to be inducted into the prestigious Robert Woods Johnson Fellows Program under the banner of their Urban Health Initiative (the R.W. Johnson Foundation is part of the world famous Johnson & Johnson Products Company).  The program’s purpose was to convene a talented and diverse cross-section of national leaders who have the desire, knowledge, and vision to help establish strategic and innovative changes in the systems that serve and protect our children. Many new programs and services of outreach and in-reach have been initiated and implemented under Rev. Golden′s tenure as Pastor-Servant–Leader at New Unity. He firmly believes that “we cannot teach ourselves what we don’t know,” therefore, via the twin principles of “Equipping and Empowering the People of God for the Work of the Kingdom,” he places major emphasis on teaching and preaching the Abundant Life that the Word of God so lovingly offers to all.

He established ‘The Equipping Ministry’, where his weekly teachings Empowers God’s People to Do Greater Works! A visionary and spiritual father to many, he can be found on the frontline of many causes to better serve and protect our seniors, youth and the disenfranchised. Interested in the welfare of all people, he often says If I can help somebody, then my living won’t be in vain. There’s no greater joy than to love and to serve”.  

With Christ as his head and the Holy Spirit as his guide, Rev. Johnny N. Golden, Sr. takes his charge seriously as the under-shepherd of the New Unity Church Ministries and dauntlessly works as friend, advocate, and teacher for people everywhere of whom he has been divinely called to serve.

 He is proud and boasts of a church history of 104 years, as her Pastor and Bishop, he shines as a ‘brilliant beacon’ in the community for over 25 years!

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