Christian Education Classes


Sunday - 11AM Worship Service

 December 10, 2022

 10:30 AM

 Zoom Channel 1 Meeting ID #776-234-8937 P/W:4109796608 Baltimore, MD 21027

A "failure to thrive" is a major concern of any parent with a newborn infant. Of necessity the child must be fed but it also must be nurtured. Nourishment is more than just the physical - it is mental, emotional, and spiritual as well.

Please join us this year as we go "all in" studying the Word of God. We have classes for all ages and our Instructors are simply the best. So, whether you or a family member are a newborn babe in need of the fundamentals of the faith  or a seasoned vet in search of a deeper understanding of scripture we have lessons designed to ensure your spiritual success.

Please join us twice monthly Saturday and Sunday mornings (see flyer) for studies of the word of God.

Chosen! Royal! Holy! Peculiar! ~ and may we say it now ~ it's all about Growth!

Deacon Denise Pailin,  Dean, Christian Education Development

p.s. Please join us at our Annual CED Talk and Christian Education Emphasis Weekend October 1st and 2nd 

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